FluentBoards Integration With FluentCRM

FluentCRM automatically integrates with FluentBoards. To manage the Tasks of your Projects both Fluent CRM and Fluent Boards offer you some features. 

In this article, we will be explaining those features. 

CRM Contacts in Boards #

FluentBoards allows you to add FluentCRM contacts to your tasks. You can view all CRM contacts associated with your board’s tasks in the Boards menu.

To view CRM contacts associated with tasks on a board, go to your board and click on the three-dot button in the top right corner to open the board menu. Then, select Associate CRM Contacts to see the CRM contacts linked to your board’s tasks.

associate contact crm contact 1

Clicking on the Arrow icon button will reveal the tasks associated with those CRM contacts.

associate with tasks 1 1

Adding CRM Contacts to Tasks #

To associate a CRM contact with your task, follow these steps:

Go to the task where you wish to add the CRM contact or create a new task. In the task pop-up, you’ll find the CRM Contact button. Click on this button to include the CRM contact in your board.

task crm contact add

Viewing Tasks and Boards Associated with FluentCRM Contacts #

To observe tasks and boards linked with your FluentCRM contacts, follow these steps:

Head to the All Contacts section from the FluentCRM Dashboard. Open the specific contact that has been added to your board.

Select FluentBoards within the contact details. Here, you’ll discover all boards and tasks associated with this contact.

crm contact fluentboards info

FluentCRM Automation  #

In Fluent CRM you will get some Automation based on your Board and Task changes. You will get three automation action triggers for boards in FluentCRM those are 

  • Contacts Added to Boards: If any Contact is added to the Board this Automation will begin.
  • Contact Added to Task: This Automation will run when a contact will be added to a task.
  • Stage Changed: This automation will run when the stage of a task changes.

Fluentboards automations in  fluentcrm

Automation Action #

Here you will get a Create Task action for your FluentBoards. You can set this Create Task action to create a new task in your FluentBoards.

FluentBoards Task Create Action

That’s all about FluentCRM integration with FluentBoards. If you have any further queries about this article feel free to reach us

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