Change the Way You Manage Your Projects/Tasks/Clients

Experience complete stress-free project management with FluentBoards— make projects simpler, reach goals confidently, and achieve success collaboratively.

Seamless Project Management

Simplify Project Management for Stress-free Success

Bring all of your projects onto the same platform, onboard your whole team, lead from the front, and propel your productivity to new heights!

Seamless project management with FluentBoards

Visualize your workflow with FluentBoards
Clear Visual Navigation

Discover the Freedom to Visualize Your Workflow

Transform the way you work and move toward success with intuitive insights. Paint your dashboard with colors and dive into a smart exploration of your workflow—your projects, your way!

Efficient Goal Management

Set and Achieve Goals with Precision

Seamlessly align tasks, projects, and objectives, creating a roadmap for achievement. Define projects and processes with clarity, ensuring your path to success is strategic and efficient.

Set Goals with precision using Fluentboards

Get every update of your projects thanks to FluentBoards dynamic email notification
Better Communication & Collaboration

Stay Updated, Connected, and in Sync!

Stay in the loop with your team and tasks anytime, anywhere! Receive notifications in your inbox, get real-time insights, and keep your clients updated at all times.

Less Admin Work

Simplify Administrative Tasks for Better Management

Say goodbye to administrative hassles and embrace a new way of handling tasks! Easily track task assignments, ensure optimal resource allocation, and eliminate the risk of overburdening team members.

Elimate administrative hassle with Fluentboards

Get every update of your projects thanks to FluentBoards dynamic email notification
Robust Security Measures

Safeguard What Matters Most

Be the gatekeeper of your data, ensuring no information leakage!

Unlock New Horizons with Powerful Integrations

Integrate FluentBoards with your favorite WordPress tools to unlock extended functionality and upgrade the way you work!

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It’s Our Biggest Discount on FluentBoards!

We understand your needs, that’s why FluentBoards comes with affordable pricing without compromising any features.


Single License

1 Domain

  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included


Agency License

5 Domains

  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included


Unlimited License

Unlimited Domains

  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included

Have a question? We’ve got answers!

Yes, you can get FluentBoards LTD for an Unlimited Domain License with a split payment option, although it costs a bit more! Visit this link to avail this option.

This deal will only be available for a limited time. It’s our special token of love for early birds.

Absolutely not! FluentBoards is a standalone solution, giving you complete freedom & flexibility for everyday project management needs without requiring additional Fluent or WPManageNinja products.

Nope! FluentBoards is a super user-friendly product so you don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge to manage your projects.

FluentBoards currently has integration with FluentCRM, Fluent Forms Fluent Support, and Webhook. Gradually based on our users’ recommendations we’ll add other necessary integrations.

Of course! We want FluentBoards to be designed exactly the way you want it. Share your feature request here.

Yes, absolutely! FluentBoards offers both Kanban and table views for free, allowing you to peek into project progress and make informed decisions.