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What to Expect?

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Enjoy complete stress-free project management with FluentBoards— set goals with confidence, and achieve success through better collaboration!

Better Project Management

Take productivity to a new height!

Take control of your workflow and enjoy a blissful project management experience leveraging features like:

Enhanced Visual Navigation

Paint your dashboard with colors!

Eliminate monotony and infuse vibrancy into your project management journey by utilizing FluentBoard’s colorful features like:

Efficient Goal Management 

Set & achieve the right goals!

Effortlessly delve into details, monitor progress, and make informed decisions with these features:

Never Lose Your Focus on Work!
Improved Team Collaboration

Stay updated, connected, & in sync!

Unlock the heartbeat of project success with FluentBoard, where effective communication takes center stage.

Less Admin Work

Manage the team effortlessly!

Say goodbye to administrative hassles and embrace a new way of handling tasks for smooth and efficient resource management.  

Robust Security Measures

​​Safeguard what matters most!

With FluentBoards, take control as the gatekeepers of your data. Host your data yourself, eliminating any chance of information leakage!

Say goodbye to platform switching!

Why roam here and there when you can effortlessly manage any type of project right within your WordPress dashboard?

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Why We Built FluentBoards?

A short message from our CEO!

Shahjahan Jewel, CEO, WPManageNinja

Hi there, it’s Shahjahan Jewel here from WPManageNinja, where your love and support mean the world to us. Today, I’m super excited to share the behind-the-scenes story of our next-generation project management plugin, FluentBoards.

Like hundreds of other businesses, we’ve been operating our business from WordPress since day 1. And while we were busy building business solutions, our team size increased massively in the last 2-3 years. Now, we have a team of over a hundred members!

With a team of this size and numerous ongoing projects, one thing became inevitable: hassle! So, we went in search of a project management tool. And you know what, none of the existing WordPress project management solutions could completely satisfy us!

Most of these plugins are either limited in features, have a complicated UI or they’re not extendable enough to play well with our plugins. So, we took matters into our own hands!

We started building our own project management tool, equipped with modern features, a cutting-edge visual UI, and efficient team collaboration facilities. And the result?

Well, we have been using FluentBoards for our business since January 2023 and since then, our team’s productivity has increased by 200%! And, now we’re super excited to share this dynamic solution with our beautiful community in just a few days!

So, if you don’t want to miss any updates on FluentBoards, join the waitlist now. Let’s change the way we handle our everyday hassles and step into the future of project management together


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Have a question? We’ve got answers.

FluentBoards is almost ready to launch, but before we do, we want to ensure it’s fully prepared. We’re confident this final step won’t take much time. Join the waitlist to stay updated.

Absolutely not! FluentBoards is a standalone solution, giving you complete freedom & flexibility for everyday project management needs without requiring additional Fluent or WPManageNinja products.

Nope! FluentBoards is a super user-friendly product so you don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge to manage your projects.

We are currently working on integrating our Fluent plugins and gradually expanding to include all your necessary integrations.

Of course! We want FluentBoards to be designed exactly the way you want it. We will soon share the public roadmap for FluentBoards, where you can add your feature requests and plans.

Yes, absolutely! FluentBoards will offer both Kanban and table views for free, allowing you to peek into project progress and make informed decisions.